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HORSES AND HUMANS Personal Development in Partnership with Horses

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We offer a range of programs for Humans that involve a connection with Horses for many benefits at a variety of levels with opportunities for positive outcomes for Personal Development, Coaching Education, Equestrian Industry Jobs and Careers, and Recreation Riding and Sports.

Transforming Lives In Partnership With Horses

Equine-assisted personal therapy is an innovative mental health therapy that involves a person in therapy interacting with horses as they are exceptionally accepting and intuitive in their interactions with humans, and it is often their perceptive response to the human that provides the catalyst for open discussion. People from all walks of life and all ages can benefit from contact with this most unique, intuitive, noble, and engaging and powerful member of the animal kingdom; the horse.

How Horses Help

We believe that there is something very special about the combination of a Horse and Human relationship that can be fundamentally useful to assist a human find happiness, well-being and improve cognitive development.

So Why Horses And Not Other Animals?

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  • Horses are social animals and have defined roles with their herd.
  • Horses have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods.
  • Horses can be stubborn and defiant or playful and cooperative.
  • Horses are large and powerful animals that can trigger many emotional responses.
  • Horses like to play and are curious and very observant.
  • They are very much like us!


Horses and Humans have brought together a very experienced team of professionally accredited specialists who are passionate about sharing their skills. We uphold industry best practices by maintaining the highest ethical and safety standards.

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