HORSES AND HUMANS OFFERS A WIDE RANGE Horse Related Courses for All Ages and Abilities

Our Programs

We offer a range of programs for Humans that involve a connection with Horses for many benefits at a variety of levels with opportunities for positive outcomes for Personal Development, Education, Jobs and Careers, Recreation and Sport.

Equine Assisted Personal Development

At HORSES AND HUMANS, we believe that there is something very special about the relationship between a Horse and a Human that can be fundamental to helping a human find happiness, wellbeing and improve cognitive and emotional development.

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Support for Students of Horse Husbandry Courses and
Equestrian Instructor Courses

HORSES AND HUMANS have partnered with accredited training providers and offer support, training, and assessment for all their fully accredited equestrian courses.

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HORSES AND HUMANS Team has experienced Hippotherapy (CAD) horses and handlers that offer this well documented therapy to deliver prescribed physical exercises using the unique movement of the horse to help develop and improve natural co-ordinated and healthy movement in the human body

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Various horsemanship clinics that are held in response popular demand and enquiries are welcome.

Clinics cover a wide range of interests and disciplines for all ages and levels of experience.

We have great equestrian facilities and use the venue for equestrian and other related workshops and clinics throughout the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. We all experience, at some time in our lives, situations that may cause us to experience stress, trauma, depression, and anxiety, due to any number of causes including family issues, addiction, PTSD, anger management, postnatal depression, or perhaps have conditions like ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADD Attention Deficit Disorder, and other developmental or psychological conditions to challenge you and your family.

When this occurs, it is good to know that we all share and cope with life’s problems differently and that people can benefit from seeking help to manage their responses and get things back on the track again.

A. EAL (Equine Assisted Learning), EAP (Equine Assisted Programs), and EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) are NON Riding experiential/cognitive animal therapy programs using the horse to help reflect feelings and emotions.

A. The EAL/EAP/EFL programs are facilitated by a qualified team consisting of one or more horses, one or two Equine Assisted Learning providers, and/or medical professionals who all work with the participants towards achieving the desired outcome.

A. A program can be a one-off session, however, an average of about 6-8 weekly sessions is more usual.

A. Yes! If you are eligible for funding by the NDIS, we can help advise on how to apply.

A. Yes! Medicare will take over a portion of the complete fee if you are referred to the program by a medical professional (GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, etc.).

A. The content of the program will be fully customised to the individual and the desired outcome. It can start with just observing the horses interacting with each other in their paddock. When the participant is ready, a closer connection with the horse will be encouraged in order to establish a pathway that initiates communication and interactions towards the determined goal.

A. Body language and direct physical experience of doing (posture, movement, eye contact) all play an important role in the process of observation due to the horse’s immediate response to the participant's emotions and behaviour. The horse is like a mirror, providing feedback to the client that helps identify or recognise issues so that they can be managed.

A. Identifying or recognising a problem lets people better understand what to do about it. By knowing what drives us, our self-awareness is improved and we can feel more empowered.

The positive and non-judgemental recognition that there is a resolution and steps that can be taken towards it results in better self-esteem, which leads to pathways for positive change.

A. Interaction with horses may help people become more self-aware. Becoming aware of both strengths and weaknesses develops understanding that can help initiate change in attitude and confidence, and influence clearer decision making and better choices.
It can also lead to changes in how things are perceived and how one then applies this knowledge for personal development or interaction with others.

A. Experiential learning or ‘learning through experience’ or experience-assisted learning (EAL) is a fundamental ‘cause and effect’ method to help people understand what is happening and why.

EAL/EAP/EFL programs stimulate re-actions or responses as a result of an action, and with the help of horses – who mirror our emotions in a time-sensitive manner – help us to better understand ourselves, our triggers, as well as our abilities and strengths.

A. Yes!
We can arrange group sessions for Youth Support, Schools, Service Providers, Organisations, Corporate and Business Professional development group challenges for Team Bonding, or Personal Development.

A. Yes!
EAL/EAP programs are flexible and can be offered individually, for families or for small to medium groups. You may work with one or more horses, depending on your needs.

I have a question that has not been addressed. What is the best way to get an answer?

The best way to get all your questions answered is by getting in touch by phone

Call our office for a friendly chat on 07 5447 0450 or mobile 0414 830 383 via email