Physical Development-HIPPOTHERAPY



PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT:  Hippotherapy is the term used to describe Equine Assisted Physical Therapy.

In Hippotherapy the movement of the horse is utilised (as a travelling piece of amazing gym equipment) to develop and improve natural, co-ordinated and healthy movement in the human body.

Riding is a complete and complex sport, which remains natural in all required movements.  No unnatural contortions are asked for. A healthy, normal way of moving is the best prerequisite for learning how to ride well.

The reverse conclusion is valid as well:  good riding helps to train healthy and natural movement.  

“Balance in Movement” Susanne von Dietze

(Leader in equestrian biomechanics, physiotherapist, licensed Trainer instructor and judge for dressage and show jumping)

A direct result, and the general benefits horse riding has on the neurology, respiration and circulation of the rider and physical effects on muscles, tendons and joints. The position of sitting on a moving horse without doing anything else is a wholistic exercise in itself.

The movement of the horse at walk stimulates all the same muscles the rider would use if walking. 

The movements created by Riding stimulates the balance by relaying messages from the joints, ligaments and tendons and muscles (the mechanisms of the body) to the balance centre in the inner ear and the brain. 

Repeated Practice improves balance.

The walk naturally rolls the hips from side to side and at the same time goes up, down and forward, creating a three-dimensional movement. It also has the added motion of travelling forward. All this in combination stimulates the senses in a positive and enjoyable way so refreshing and motivationally different from traditional medical therapy interventions.  (This is why Hippo-therapy is so beneficial  for  riders with physical challenges and particularly engaging for young children. 


Horse Riding is a healthy outdoor activity which promotes stamina and general good health.

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Balance in Movement” Susanne von Dietze

Many clients have been referred or  recommended to consider Hippo-therapy by Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapists and the Mental Health profession